This is a two component amine cured solvent free epoxy coating. It is a self-smoothing, easy to apply product, leaving a seamless surface. It has excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. It can be applied in two coats or on approved primers depending on the conditions of the concrete substrate.


It has designed for a wide range of floors with various levels of mechanical and chemical exposure. It is recommended for warehouses, garages, dairies and factories.


Determination of Compressive Strength- ASTM C579: 40 N/mm²

Determination of Tensile Strength-ASTM C307: 18 N/mm²

Determination of Flexural Strength-ASTM C580: 35 N/mm²

Determination of Crack Bridge ability-ASTM C836: 1995: 2mm

Determination of Water Permeability-BSEN 12390-8: 2009: 100%

Determination of Shore A Hardness-ASTM D2240:2005: 79

Additional certificates and approvals may be available on request.


Selected range of colors



Property Test / Standard Description
Solids by volume ISO 3233 98 ± 2 %
Gloss level (GU 60°) ISO 2813 Gloss (70-85)
Flash point ISO 3679 100°C
VOC-US/ Hong Kong US EPA method 24 (tested) 75 g/l

The provided data is typical for factory produced products, subject to slight variation depending on color.

All data is valid for mixed paint.

Gloss description: According to RBBCO. Performance coating definition


Typical recommended specification range

Dry film thickness                            1-3 mm

Wet film thickness                           1-3 mm

Theoretical spreading rate           3-3.2 kg/m²


To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry and free from any contamination.


Application method:

The product can be applied by:

Brush:                   Use a stiff nylon brush.

Roller:                   Recommended.

To avoid air bubbles, it is very important to pierce the coating with a spiked roller when desired film thickness is achieved.

Conditions during application:

The temperature of the substrate should be minimum 10°C and at least 3°C above the dew point of the air, measured in the vicinity of the substrate. Good ventilation is usually required in confined areas to ensure proper drying. The moisture content in the substrate should not exceed 4% (by weight). The coating should not be exposed to oil, chemicals or mechanical stress until fully cured.


NO PART MIXING. Use a slow speed drill and mixing paddle. Pour the full contents of the mixed material onto the floor immediately after mixing is completed.

The temperature of base and curing agent is recommended to be 18°C or higher when the paint is mixed.


Epofloor G coating comp. A                         100

Epofloor G coating comp. B                          20



Substrate temperature 15°C 23°C 40°C
Epofloor G coating comp B (20)


Dry to cover coat, minimum

Dry to cover coat, maximum

Dried/ cured for service

6 h

24 h

24 h

72 h

10 d

3 h

15 h

15 h

48 h

7 d

3 h

8 h

8 h

48 h

7 d


Surface (touch) dry: The state of drying when slight pressure with a finger does not leave imprint or reveal tackiness.

Walk-on-dry: Minimum time before coating can tolerable normal foot traffic without permanent marks, imprints or other physical damage.

Dry to cover coat, minimum: The shortest time allowed before the next coat can be applied.

Dry to cover coat, maximum, atmospheric: The longest time allowed before the next coat can be applied.

Dried/ cured for service: Minimum time before the coting can be permanently exposed to the intended.


Paint temperature 23°C
Epofloor G coating comp B (20%) Pot life 35 min



Depending on the actual exposure of the coating system, various primers and topcoats can be used in combinations with this product. Some examples are shown below. Contact RBBCO for specific system recommendation.

Previous coat: Epofloor G Sealer or Epofloor G Solvent free primer or Epofloor G SF PR 150


Volume (Kg) Size of containers (Kg)
A 20 30
B 4 6

The volume stated is for factory made colors. Note that local variations in pack size and filled volumes can vary due to local regulations.


The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from sources of heat and ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Handle with care.

Shelf life at 23°C

Epofloor G coating comp A                24 months

Epofloor G coating comp B (20)       24 months

In some markets commercial shelf life can be dictated shorter by local legislation. The above is minimum shelf life, thereafter the paint quality is subject to re-inspection.


This product is for professional use only. The applicators and operators shall be trained, experienced and have the capability and equipment to mix/stir and apply the coatings correctly and according to RBBCO`s technical documentation. Applicators and operators shall use appropriate personal protection equipment when using this product. This guideline is given based on the current knowledge of the product. Any suggested deviation to suit the site conditions shall be forwarded to the responsible RBBCO for representative for approval before commencing the work.


Please observe the precautionary notices displayed on the container. Use under well ventilated conditions. Do not inhale spray mist. Avoid skin contact. Spillage on the skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser, soap and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.


When applicable, products primarily meant for use as primers or antifouling’s may have slight color variations from batch to batch. Such products may fade and chalk when exposed to sunlight and weathering.


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