Crack covering feature

No shrinking, cracking

Very high elasticity

Ideal for concrete pool and water tanks

Over paintable and holds plaster


Flexyproof 2k Component A together with Flexyproof 2K Component B are used for critical surfaces to create a positive elastic insulation layer without adding any water in order to increase adherence and provide extra elasticity.

It can easily be used for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It cannot be used for negative insulation purposes on impermeable surfaces like brick, etc.

It is used in waterproofing of concrete domestic water tanks and swimming pools, waterproofing of fundament walls against pressurized and non-pressurized underground waters, under-tile waterproofing of wet volumes such as balconies, terraces, bathrooms and kitchens.


All surfaces must be free of any foreign materials like dirt, oil, paint, etc. Gross concrete, gas concrete, screed, plaster and pre-cast elements must be dampened before the application. All concrete surfaces repairs and all plaster and screed surfaces must be completed with a proper repair mortar and plastering mortar RB-CAL 500 maximum 24 hours in advance. Sharp edges and corners must be rounded by chamfering with RB-CAL 500 plastering repair mortar.

First half of the Flexyproof 2K Component B is added to the whole powder Flexyproof 2K Component A and mixed in suitable revolution (400-600 rev/min.) to avoid any lump and dust formation during mixing.

When the mixture becomes homogenous, the other half of the Component B is added to the mixture and mixed in suitable revolution (400-600 rev/min.)

Prepared mixture must be consumed within 1 hour. The mixture is applied by a brush with layers in cross direction to each other. It is recommended to use glass lattice fabric, glass fiber mesh, etc. bearing material between two layers of waterproofing in vertical – horizontal connection points and corner turns.

After application of 1st layer, approximately 4 hours must be waited for applying 2nd layer depending on the weather conditions. Before applying the 2nd layer, make sure that the first layer is dried. When the application is fresh, it must be protected against sun lights and rain for 24 hours. When making filling in fundament wall isolation, make sure to prevent the coating is not damaged.

3 days after the application, tile laying work can be started. If the application area is pool or a water tank, it can be filled with water after 7 days.

Warning: The product has two components and the liquid Component B is ready to use additive. No water should be added to the mixture.


-Material should be stored in its original packages, in cool and dry place protected against freezing.

-The material`s package should not be opened, torn or pierced until application time.

-No weight should be applied on the stored packages; in case the sacks will be stored on top of each other, it should not be more than7 sacks.

-For short-term storage, there should be maximum 3 pallets on top of one another and dispatched according to the first-in first-out system. For long-term storage, the pallets should not be put on top of one another.


As the mixture is cement based, wash with plenty of water in case of contact with skin and if necessary, seek medical assistance.


Chemical base A Comp.: Cement with additives

B Comp.: Acrylic copolymer dispersion with additives

Mix proportion A: 15 kg, B: 5 kg
Mixture density
Operating time 1 hour
Operating temperature 5°C to 30°C
Water pressure strength 1.5 bar (after 28 days)
Water filling time

(pool and tank)

After 7 days
Walk-on-time and tile covering After 3 days
Bonding strength 1.5 N/mm² (after 7 days)
Shelf life 12 months in cool and dry places, temperatures above +5°C with un-opened packaging


Application area Thickness Consumption (kg/m²)
Fundament walls 2 mm 2-3
Non-pressurized water

(balconies and terraces)


3 mm

Wet volume

(bathroom and kitchen)


2.5 mm

Maximum thickness 5 8


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