HYPERDESMO-CLASSIC Polyurethane liquid membrane for waterproofing & protection


HYPERDESMO-CLASSIC is a simple and economic solution for waterproofing and protection. It is a one component, low viscosity, polyurethane fluid which cures with the humidity in the atmosphere to produce a highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. It is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin plus special inorganic fillers, which result in excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural element resistance properties. Apply with brush, roller or airless spraying in two coats. Minimum total consumption: 1.2-1.5 kg/m2.

Waterproofing and protection of:

  • Gypsum and cement boards
  • Tiles (under)
  • Bathrooms
  • Light roofing made of metal or fibrous cement
  • Asphalt membranes
  • As the main waterproofing membrane in car park waterproofing systems


Not recommended for:

  • Unsound substrates
  • Waterproofing of swimming pool surfaces in contact with chemically treated water

When used in dark colors for exposed use, a protective topcoat of HYPERDESMO-ADY-E (always pigmented) is required


  • No thinning is required but SOLVENT-01 may be used.
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance. The white color reflects much of the solar energy and so reduces the internal temperature of buildings considerably.
  • Excellent thermal resistance, the product never turns soft. Max service temperature 80 oC, max shock temperature 200 oC
  • Resistance in the cold: The film remains elastic even down to -40 o
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Non-toxic after full cure.
  • Water vapor transmission: The film breathes so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat.


Can be successfully applied on:

Concrete, fibrous cement, mosaic, cement roof tiles, old (but well adhered) acrylic and asphalt coats, wood, corroded metal, and galvanized steel. For information about other substrates, please contact our tech department.

Concrete substrate conditions (standard):

  • Hardness: R28 = 15Mpa.
  • Humidity: W < 10%.
  • Temperature: 5-35 o
  • Relative humidity: < 85%.

Primer selection for special conditions and substrates: Please refer to the Primer Selection Table.


Clean the surface using a high pressure washer, if possible. Remove oil, grease and wax contaminants. Cement laitance, loose particles, mould release agents, cured membranes must be removed. Fill surface irregularities with the necessary product.


Apply the required primer following the guidelines above.


Use a low speed (300 rpm) mixer. May optionally be thinned with 5-10% SOLVENT-01. For application by spraying (airless) thin with 10% SOLVENT-01.


Apply the material with roller or brush in two, at least, coats. Leave 6-24 hours between coats. If more time passes (for example more than 4 days) or if you are unsure of the interlayer adhesion, use UNIVERSAL PRIMER-2K-4060.


First coat: 0.6-0.8 kg/m2.

Second coat: 0.6-0.9 kg/m2.

Minimum total consumption: 1.2-1.5 kg/m2.


Clean tools and equipment first with paper towels and then using SOLVENT-01. Rollers will not be re-usable.


1 kg, 6 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg and 200 kg drums.


Can be kept for minimum 12 months in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25 oC. Once a pail has been opened, use as soon as possible.


Contains volatile flammable solvents. Apply in well-ventilated, no smoking areas, away from naked flames. In closed spaces use ventilators and carbon active masks. Keep in mind that solvents are heavier than air so they creep on the floor. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is available on request.


Minimum expected working life W3 (25 years) W2 (10 years)
Climatic zone S (Severe)
User load P1 P3
Roof slope S1-S4
Minimum surface temperature TL3 (-20 οC)
Maximum surface temperature TH4 (90 οC) TH3 (80 οC)
Exposure to external fire Broof (t1)
Reaction to fire Class F


The product in liquid form (before application): 95% dry matter in Xylol.

Viscosity (BROOKFIELD) cp ASTM D2196-86, @ 25 oC 3000-6000
Specific weight     gr/cm3 ASTM D1475 / DIN 53217 / ISO 2811,

@ 20oC

Flash point oC ASTM D93, closed cup 42
Tack free time, @ 77 oF (25oC) & 55% RH     hours 4
Recoat time     hours 6-24


The cured membrane:

Service temperature oC -40 to 80
Max. temperature short time (shock) oC 200
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 / DIN 53505 / ISO R868 60



Tensile strength at break @ 23 oC Kg/cm2 (N/mm2) ASTM D412 / EN-ISO-527-3 55
Percent elongation @ 23 oC % ASTM D412 / EN-ISO-527-3 > 300
Water vapor transmission gr/m2.hr ASTM E96 (Water Method) 0.8
Adhesion to concrete Kg/cm2 (N/mm2) ASTM D4541 > 20 (> 2)
QUV Accelerated Weathering Test (4hr UV, @ 60 oC (UVB- Lamps) & 4hr COND @ 50








passed (2000 hours)

Hydrolysis (8% KOH, 15 days @ 50°C)  


no significant elastomeric property change
Hydrolysis (H2O, 14-day cycle RT-100 °C)  


no significant elastomeric property change
Hydrolysis (H2O, 30-day cycle 60-100 °C)  


no significant elastomeric property change

HCL (PH=2, 10 days @ RT)



no significant elastomeric property change
Thermal resistance (100 days @ 80 °C) EOTA TR011 passed



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