Quickrep SP1000 One component special repair


Quickrep sp1000 is a ready-mix and non-shrinkage cement base dry powder, provides smooth level surfaces with highly consistent repair mortar for special purpose concrete and masonry repairs. And due to adhesive materials in it, it makes an excellent adhesion to most common substrate, also provides waterproofing properties. It is controlled based on:

  • ASTM D96
  • ASTM E140
  • ASTM C836
  • ASTM C4060


  • Repairing of cracks and porous surfaces
  • Provides smooth level surfaces
  • Underlayment for floors and walls before placement of new covering materials
  • Filling pores and holes
  • Can be used for surfaces that are in direct contact with water
  • Suitable for hydraulic structures


  • Excellent adhesion to most common substrates
  • Non shrinkage
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • High early strength
  • Provides maximum protection against freeze and thaw cycles
  • Waterproofing capability and impermeability
  • No destructive effect on the steel
  • Easy apply


40 kg bags



  • Physical state: Powder
  • Color: Grey
  • Specific gravity of powder: 1.55± 0.05 g/cm³
  • Specific gravity of fresh mortar: 1780 Kg/m³
  • Pot life: 20 minutes at +20° C
  • Consumption temperature: Do not use at temperatures below 5 ° C


Surfaces should be clean sound and free from oil, grease, laitance and loose particles. Metal surfaces should also be clean and free of rust, oil, grease and contaminants. Remove damaged concrete and prepare exposed steel reinforcement. Thoroughly clean repair area using high pressure water jet to remove all loose debris and contamination. The concrete should be pre-saturated with water before application. This is essential for the proper adhesion of the mortar to the sub-surface.

Deep cracks with a depth greater than 2 mm should be opened in (V) shape and then repaired with quickrep sp1000.


First, pour water into the appropriate container. The quantity of water depends on the desired consistency. Then add the powder slowly.

Mixing ratio: powder (4), water (1)

Mix with a paddle mixer or trowel For 3 to 5 minutes to ensure a homogenous lump free material is achieved. Do not try to remix the product after losing workability by the addition of more water.

Replace damaged concrete using quickrep sp1000, build up in layers if necessary. Apply quickrep sp1000 with a trowel or spatula. Press hard by hand. Thicker repairs may be achieved by working in layers.


Keep repaired areas damp, with spraying water at least 24 hours.

In tropical areas use a curing compound or Nylon on the surface.


Shelf life: 1 year in the original package
Storage condition: should be protected from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep bag in the temperature range between +10° C and +30° C


It should not be swallowed and contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water.


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