RB-GMA50 Epoxy Anchor Bolts Adhesive


Two component, non-flowable and solvent free pasty epoxy adhesive with high mechanical resistance used for anchoring bolts and steel rods in horizontal and vertical surfaces.


ASTM E1512 ، ASTM C881


RB-GMA50 is a non-shrinkage gel form adhesive with various applications to bond threaded steel rod or reinforcing bars into the anchor hole. This creates excellent adhesion to construction materials and get harden quickly. This has excellent mechanical and chemical stability.


  • excellent adhesion to concrete
  • high initial and final resistance
  • high chemical stability
  • strike vibration stability
  • colored components in order to ensure correct mixing
  • low odor
  • non- flowable
  • can be converted to repair mortar by adding silica sand
  • no corrosion of steel
  • suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces


  • physical states: gray paste after mixing (A component white, B component black)
  • mixing time: 5 min
  • mixing ratio: (A: B=1:1) Wt.% or V%
  • initial setting: 2-4 h
  • final setting: 24h approximately
  • utilization temperature5 to 30 0C
  • density: 1.8 kg/l
  • application time: 40 minutes (at 25 0C)


Surface preparation:

Use drill to create the holes (according to calculation). The holes must be dry and free of dust, grease and oil.


First shake each component and then add B component to A component. Continue mixing for 3 minutes in suitable revolution (400 rev/min) using stirrer (until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. for smaller amounts, mix cone cup of B with 1 cup of A. notice that mixing should be done in a metal container. fill two-thirds of hole volume with the mixture and then insert the bolt into the hole. remove extra mixture from the hole around. the concrete must be 21 to 28 days. it depends on drying and curing condition.


Whole tools must be cleaned at the end of operation. Remove harden materials mechanically


4 kg pack (A+B)


.Product must be stored in original containers and protect from sunlight and rain


Consumption depends on the pore size. The final volume of mixture for each 4 kg pack is 2.5 liters at 25 0C.


This product may damage the skin. Use safety equipment such as gloves and glasses. in case of contact with skin and eye, wash with plenty of water.


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