RB-RH Very high strength, non-shrink ready to use mortar


RB-RH is formulated to be used in applications where high compressive strength is prime goal such as installation of heavy machineries with high vibrations.



RB-RH is ready to use mortar with all necessary additives, only on-site addition of water is required to prepare smooth mortar. For all grouting, anchoring or injection purposes the inter surfaces should be cleaned and pre-wetted and then the mixed mortar should be placed or injected.


RB-RH is supplied in 25kg bags.


appearance Cementitous powder
segregation nil
Bleeding water nil
Specific gravity

(fresh grout)

2200 kg/m3
Expansion time Start: 15min

Finish: 2h


RB-RH water Slump (cm) Compressive strength (kg/cm2) Tensile strength (kg/cm2) 28 days
3 days 7 days 28 days
1 kg 180 gr 8.5 509 708 69.5
1 kg 210 gr 18 319 474 575 56.5


As the water consumption is at minimum rate (4.5 – 5.25 liters per a 25 kg bag) curing is essential in order to avoid surface cracking. In moderate temperatures curing should be continued for 3 days. In this way blow holes and minor blemishes in an otherwise fair faced concrete can be hidden.

RB-RH should be laid at a minimum thickness of 1 mm and to a maximum depth of 150 mm.


Should be stored in original bags and protected from excessive compaction, direct sunlight and rainfall, in this situation the shelf life exceed 12 months.


RB-RH is not a fire or health hazard. Spillages should be washed down immediately with cold water. For further information refer to the material safety data sheet.


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